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Tuesday, 28 July 2015.

Remember the "links" page that was a staple on every website from 1996-2005? It was a time of homepages and headlines that didn't claim to know what you would or wouldn't believe. This post is a tribute to the lists of hyperlinks of yore. Read on and be directed to some great resources for Bay Area wildlife and photography. 

First, some self-promotion...

SFWildlife is on Facebook, of course. Follow me to see new images first!

Follow me on Instagram for as-it-happens updates on my whereabouts and unfiltered square versions of some of my images. 

Sometimes, I update my Flickr account. 

Some past photo essays and trip reports can be found on Exposure

...then, some skilled friends...

Jaymi Heimbuch is a busy bee, writing for Mother Nature Network, Photographing Wildlife, managing her celebrity dog Niner and chronicling the Natural History of the Urban Coyote.

Daniel Dietrich is living the dream while fighting to preserve it for future generations. He is the owner and safari guide extraordinaire at Point Reyes Safaris. Most importantly, to me, he successfully shows and explains that the unethical practice of baiting wild animals is harmful, selfish, lazy and absolutely unnecessary if you want to take excellent wilflife shots. 

Linda Rusconi is an extremely talented painter and illustrator who has used some of my photographs as inspiration for her work. Also follow her on Instagram!

...and finally, otters!

Sutro Sam, one of my favorite former models, got me into contact with The River Otter Ecology Project, who strive to study and protect Bay Area river otters and the watersheds they inhabit. Be sure to pay their site a visit and submit an otter spotter report when you encounter River Otters in the Bay Area.

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