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This Hawk Will Probably Die Soon. Here's Why.

Thursday, 08 October 2015.

This Hawk Will Probably Die Soon. Here's Why.

This is a story of how a seemingly great urban wildlife encounter can turn rather depressing. Yesterday morning I was walking by the parking lot of the big Safeway in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood and I considered myself pretty lucky when a red-tailed hawk swooped down right in front of me. It landed at the foot of a tree and immediately came back up with a little mouse in its talons. Apparently unfazed by shoppers and passersby just a few feet away -indicating that this was a routine action- it sat on a fence and started to eat the mouse. After a few minutes, the mouse was gone and the hawk returned to its perch on top of a utility pole.

I was quite excited about this unexpected encounter in front of me and my camera. It was a perfect example of urban wildlife displaying natural behavior without resorting to eating trash or food provided by people. Upon closer inspection though, it turned out things weren't so great...

Starving Seabirds Need Nice People

Friday, 11 September 2015.

This morning at Ocean Beach I encountered what from a distance looked like a woman taking her pet penguin for a walk.

As I got closer I learned that the reality was less comical than it looked...